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What's a Document?

A Document in Tipe is similar to any other document you might have, like a Google Doc or a Pages Document, except that you can query the content in them via a GraphQL or REST API to pull the data into your app. The Document itself, as it appears in the Tipe dashboard, is never visible to the user of your app.

What's a Folder?

A Folder is a grouping of Documents. It serves the same purpose as a Folder or directory in a desktop operating system. Use them to organize your Documents. The neat thing about Tipe Folders is that you can make a GraphQL or REST call to them.

What's a Template?

A Template is a shape you give to a Document or Documents that you can use over and over. For example, if you know you're always going to have articles or posts that feature an image with an article followed by a map, you'd use a Template. Templates in Tipe are just like Templates in word processing programs.

Why do I have to use Templates?

Tipe uses Templates to construct and maintain Documents. You can start a new Document without a Template, but when you save, Tipe will prompt you to associate that Document with a Template.

Can I have more than one Org?

Currently, you can have one Org per email address.

Will Tipe remain free?

While in Beta the app is free to use.

We're exploring different pricing models with our current customers once the app is out of beta. It'll be a traditional SaaS model with different pricing tiers. There will be affordable plans for single users and big teams. More to come soon!

What's the difference between an Owner and an Admin?

Owner and Admin are two different Roles in Tipe. An Owner is the person who creates the account. The Owner can do anything to their Org, including delete it. An Admin can do almost everything the Owner can do except delete the Org or reset the password. For more information, see Roles.

Why do I get a TypeError: Cannot read property 'url' of null in the console?

If you associate a media image with a Document and then remove it, its value will get set to null. Then, in the browser, you'll get a TypeError. To resolve it, either add an image to the Media Block or delete the Media Block. Remember that this will affect all Documents using the same Template.

Is there a limit to the number of Members an Org can have?

During beta there is no limit. Email us at support@tipe.io if you have any questions.

Is there a limit to the number of Projects an Org can have?

"Projects" in Tipe are just folders and during beta there is no limit to how you organize your Org. Email us at support@tipe.io if you have any questions.

How can I include videos?

To include videos, use a Markdown Block and use markdown to include an image link to your video. Currently, your video needs to be hosted elsewhere; for example, on Youtube, Vimeo, other hosting site, or even an AWS S3 Bucket. This is a limitation of markdown. For more information, see this StackOverflow question.

Use the Media Gallery to maintain your assets in one place and perform realtime transformations on them. To leverage Tipe's transformations, upload your asset then use the URL in your Markdown Block's image URL.

Can I transfer ownership of an Org?

Yes. Email us at support@tipe.io and we'll help you.

If you need more control over Roles, email us at support@tipe.io. We're happy to work with you to meet your needs.

Still have questions?

Email us at support@tipe.io or start a chat with us in the Tipe Dashboard. We're always working on our docs and welcome suggestions.