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Templates are a foundation of Tipe in that every Document has to have a Template.

Creating Templates

You can create a Blank Document without a Template, but when you save it, Tipe will prompt you to associate it with a Template. Enter the name of the new Template and Save. The new Template will be in the Templates section of the Tipe dashboard and will be available for using with other Documents moving forward.

Creating Templates video

The following video demonstrates the above steps of creating a new Template when saving a Document.

Use existing Templates

You can use some of the example Templates in Tipe or create your own, as above. When creating a new Document, you can use a Blank Document or a Template. To use a Template, choose one from the list of available Templates on the right in the following dialog:

New Doc From Template

Using an existing Template video

If you prefer to see these steps in action, watch the following video.

Alternatively, you can create a Document from the Templates section of the Tipe dashboard. Click on the Templates icon.

Templates Icon Screenshot

Within the Templates section, click on a Template to create a Document. Watch the following video to see a Document created in the Templates section.

Changes to Templates

When you make changes to a Document, you're changing that Document's Template, which means all other Documents that use that Template will also change.

Viewing and Deleting Templates

To see all the templates available, go to the Templates section of the Tipe Dashboard. Click on the Templates icon on the left sidebar:

Templates Icon

The following Templates dialog will display all the available Templates you have:

Templates Dialog

Deleting or Renaming Templates

In the Templates dialogue, click the three dots to the right of a Template and select Delete or Rename.

Delete or Rename a Template

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If you're not already familiar with Documents, checkout this section. Tipe uses Templates to manage Documents and it's within Documents that you'll control page content.