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Adding Members

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You can add members to your Org and set their permissions. To add a Member, go to Settings in the Tipe Dashboard.

Settings Icon

In Settings, click the New Member button.

Add Member

In the dialog that opens, enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to invite and select their Role; Owner, Admin, or Member.

Invite new users

The people you invite will receive an email from Tipe inviting them to your Org. All the invitee has to do is accept the invitation, provide first and last name, provide an email address, and create an ID and password. Then they click Join Org and they're in.

Using Roles

Once you've invited collaborators, you can hover on any Document and click on the circle with three dots to give members of a certain Role access to that Document. Just select Roles in the menu:

Document Menu

Then select in the dialog which Role you'd like to have access to that Document; Owner, Admin, or Member.

Select Roles

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Covers info on specific Role types.