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An Org is what you see when you sign in to Tipe. It serves as the overall container for your app's content. Currently, you can only have one Org. When you sign up for Tipe, we ask you for a name so we can create an Org for you. Pick a name that makes sense to you. Spaces are ok and you can change it later. We just need something to get started.

Org structure

When you sign up for Tipe and log in to the Dashboard, there are five sections:

  1. Folders: This is where you put your Folders and Documents.
  2. Assets: Assets is where you upload assets into your Media Gallery.
  3. Templates: Templates is where you can view all of your Templates in one place.
  4. API: This is where you find your API keys.
  5. Settings: Settings is where you add and remove Members.

Org Owner

When you create an Org, you are by default, the Owner. The Owner has full rights in an Org. As the Owner, you can add or remove Members and determine their Roles. You can also delete the Org.

If you need help merging or fixing accounts, email us at mailto.

Orgs and projects

An Org can hold multiple projects. At the root of the Folders section, create a Folder for each new project. So, if you had multiple apps at your company, you'd have a folder for each app. Within each Folder, you can organize each project as you would in a GUI OS, using Folders and Documents to represent your content. See Organizing your Documents for suggestions on how to take advantage of Tipe's structure.

Changing the name of your Org

You can easily change the name of your Org. This section shows how to rename an Org with a video or with step-by-step written instructions and written instructions.

Rename your Org Video

Step-by-step instructions on changing the name of your Org

Click on Settings in the left sidenav of the Tipe Dashboard:

Settings Icon

In the Settings section, click on the name of your Org to edit it.

Change Org Name

Click update to save your new name or cancel to keep the existing name.

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Adding Members

Invite others to collaborate with just their email address.


A simple intro to the Roles that are available to Org Members.