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Use Tipe Folders the same way you'd use them in your computer's OS.

Creating Folders

To create a Folder, go to the Folders section of the Tipe Dashboard.

Folders Icon

Click on the New Folder icon:

New Folder Icon

Enter a name for your new Folder. Spaces are ok.

New Folder Dialog

Folder Options

Click the circle with the three dots on a Folder and select Rename, Copy Folder ID, or Delete.

Delete or rename a folder


Click Rename to change the name of a Folder.

See the following video for a walkthrough of renaming a Folder.

Copy Folder ID

Click on Copy Folder ID to copy the ID of the Folder to your clipboard. You can then paste this into your local project. Alternatively, you can get the Folder ID from the URL when you are inside the Folder. See the following video for a walkthrough of copying the Folder ID.


Click Delete to permanently delete an empty Folder. If you have things in a Folder, you'll need to delete them first.

See the following video for a walkthrough of deleting a Folder.

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