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Organizing your Documents

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You can work with all of your Documents flat, that is at the same level, but if your app will have more than a few pages or views, consider using Folders and planning a hierarchy, just as you would in a Desktop GUI OS.

To organize your Documents, go to the Folders section of the Tipe dashboard:

Folder Icon

This takes you to the root of your app. Create a Folder here for grouping Documents. Notice in the following screenshot of one of our Starters, we have a single root folder called Starter Repo Docs.

Root Folder

Adding Documents and Folders

Inside, you can add additional Documents and Folders with the icons of a white, blank Document and Folder.

Add a new Document with this icon:

New Document icon

Add a new Folder with this icon:

New Folder

For more detailed information, see Creating a Document and Folders.

Moving Documents

To move a Document, hover over the document and click on the circle with the three dots that appears. You should see a menu with the options to Move to parent folder, Roles, and Delete.

Document Menu

The three options do the following:

  • Move to parent folder: moves Document of Folder up one level in the directory hierarchy.
  • Roles: opens a dialog to let you specify who can edit a Document.
  • Delete: deletes the Document.

Deleting a Document or Folder is permanent. They cannot be restored.

Drag and Drop

You can also move a Document by dragging and dropping it onto a Folder.

You can only do this going deeper into the directory structure, not back (or up) the directory. To go up, use the menu discussed above to Move to parent folder.

Basic organization

The following is a demonstration of how you could potentially organize your content.

Create a Folder

In the Folders section of the Tipe Dashboard, create a Folder called MyProject at the root level.

MyProject Folder

For more detailed information, see Folders.

Create Documents

Inside the MyProject Folder, create new Document called HomePage.

In the HomePage Document, add a title Block by clicking on the plus icon and choose Simple Text:

Add a Block

Next, give it the name of "Title" as in the following:

Block Details

Click Create.

Repeat these steps to create a page called AboutPage. Give it a Simple Text Block that you name Title.

Create a Blog Folder

Still inside the MyProject Folder, create a new Folder called Blog.

Blog Folder

Within Blog, create new Document called Article.

In this new Blog Document, create a Title just like in the HomePage. Click the plus sign icon, choose Simple Text, and name the new Block Title.

Blog Article

Next, add another Block for the main body of the page content. Here, we've chosen a markdown Block and named it Body.

Blog Body Block

For more details and options, see Blocks.


In this section, we covered the basic organization for a website with a home page, an about page, and a blog. We created the following structure:

  1. A root Folder called MyProject.
  2. Inside of MyProject we created two Documents; HomePage and an AboutPage, each with a Block called Title.
  3. Also inside of MyProject we created another Folder called Blog.
  4. Inside of Blog, we created another Document called Article and gave it two Blocks; Title and Body. Title was Simple Text and the Body was a markdown Block.

Here is a diagram of what we just did:

Diagram of Organization suggestion

This is a suggestion to give you an idea of how you might like to organize your Documents and Folders.

Still have questions?

If these docs haven't answered all your questions, email us at or start a chat with us in the Tipe Dashboard. We're always working on our docs and welcome suggestions.