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A block is a single unit used to store text, media, date pickers, and more for your Documents. A block is a logical container that Tipe organizes into part of the Rest API or GraphQL for your Document.

Within a Document, the Blocks sidebar is to the right of the dashboard and offers Blocks of the following types:

  • Simple text โ€” for basic text.
  • Yes/No toggle โ€” toggle other blocks.
  • Markdown โ€” for writing in markdown. Great for blog posts and documentation.
  • Media โ€” for images of type .png, .jpg, or jpeg.
  • Document โ€” reference another Tipe Document from within the current Document.
  • Number โ€” set a number.
  • Date โ€” set the date.
  • Color โ€” set a color and use it in your code.
  • Link โ€” add a link to a Document.
  • Location โ€” add map coordinates.
  • Group โ€” group blocks within a Document
  • List โ€” create a list of blocks within a Document

Adding Blocks to a Document

This section shows you how to add Blocks to a Document with written step-by-step instructions or with a video.

Adding Blocks step-by-step

To add Blocks to a Document click on the plus icon: Plus icon

You can find it here in a new Document:

Plus icon

Choose the kind of Block you'd like to add.

Add Block Dialog

In the New Block Details dialog, enter data about the Block. The Name can be anything you like between 1 and 280 characters. Notice that as you enter the Name, Tipe generates the API ID automatically. The Description is where you'll describe a Block's purpose for content editors, so make this in human language. ๐Ÿ—ฃ

New Block Details

Finally, be sure to Save your Document.

Adding Blocks video

The following video demonstrates the step-by-step process described above.

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Using Blocks

Using Blocks provides a step-by-step guide to using each kind of Block.