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A Tipe Document combines similar stuff together. Think of a Google Doc or Word doc — same concept, but upgraded and more flexible. It's where you'd write a blog post, include relevant images, refer to other Documents, write in markdown, include maps, and more.

Document basics

Tipe Documents are made up of blocks to store text and other data.

  • Name: This is the name of the Document. They don't have to be unique and can include spaces. Use them to visually identify documents in the dashboard.
  • Blocks: Blocks are the single components that store text, media, date pickers, etc. in one place to make up a Document.
  • Template: A template is a reusable Document that allows you to easily create many Documents with the same blocks.

Publishing Documents

When you are ready to make a Document available via the Tipe API, click Publish in the upper right of the dashboard. You can Unpublish a Document at any time.

Finding a Document ID

You can find your Document ID in several places:

  • The Options menu
  • Near the top of a Document
  • In the API tab

Options menu

From outside of a Document, you can click on the three dots icon and copy the ID from the menu:

Document ID location in Options

In the Document

Near the top of the Document within a Document in the Tipe dashboard, the Document ID is on the upper right as in the following illustration:

Document ID location

Click on the Document ID to copy it.

In the API tab

Another place you can find your Document ID, is in the API tab in a Document.

Document ID in API tabs

Within the API tab, on the left, you can see your Document ID along with your API Keys.

Doc API Example

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Creating a Document

Walk through the super simple steps of creating a Document.


Get familiar with Templates — the way Tipe manages Documents.


Publishing helps your Document content get delivered even faster.


Blocks are how you put content into Documents.