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Virtual URLs

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In addition to transforming images, you can take advantage of virtual URLs. A virtual URL allows you to add to the name of the generated image URL so search engines can find your image more easily. 🎉

Tipe is the first service to offer virtual filenames at the CDN level.

Using virtual URLs is simple. The URL construction includes two IDs; the Org ID and the Asset ID:

cdn.tipe.io / org id / asset id

Anything after the asset id is ignored so you can include your own filename.

Using a virtual URL

At the end of your image URL, you can use any name you wish. Here, we've named our image tipe-logo.png.


To resize, as in the previous section, as well as use a virtual URL you add the resize settings after the custom filename.


For more information on the extensive possibilities (such as adjusting brightness, hue, and color), check out the Imgix URL API documentation.

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