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Assets vs. images in markdown

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You can include images in two ways with Tipe.

  • Markdown: include images in markdown blocks by clicking the image icon at the top of the markdown block. This automatically adds ![](http://) to your markdown and gives you a place to enter the required alt information for your image. It also requires that your image be hosted somewhere so you can enter a URL between the (). The advantage of images in markdown is that you can use images hosted anywhere.
  • Assets: give you a way to manage and host images directly in Tipe. The advantage of uploading images to Tipe in your Assets gives you more metadata about your image. The assets section is accessible via the Assets icon on the left sidenav in the Tipe dashboard. Loading your images into Tipe allows you to leverage real-time image transformations using imgix's API, which allows you to streamline your images. Additionally, when you upload your images, you get tons of functionality through our partnership with imgix. Weʻve documented a few of the possibilities; Image Resizing, Virtual URLS, and Image Performance.

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