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Assets is accessible via the left sidenav by clicking the Assets icon.

Assets Icon

This opens the Media Gallery interface where you can view and upload media such as .png, .jpeg, and jpg files.

Media Gallery

When uploading media, keep the following in mind:

  • File names must be unique.
  • You can upload more than one Image when you’re on the Asset Page.
  • We have an upload limit of 10MB, but if you need to upload larger files, just email us.

To upload new media, click the Upload button in the upper right.

Upload Button

This opens a dialog where you can add images by drag and drop or by browsing locally.

Media Upload

If you have more than one page of assets, your most recent assets will be on the last page.

Removing assets

Click on a media object to get the option to remove it. Note that you can only select one image at a time within the Media Gallery.

Asset selected

You'll see a red Remove button as soon as you select an image. Click the red button that says Remove.

As a safety feature, you'll see a confirmation dialog.

Remove media confirmation

Click Yes, remove it! to delete it permanently.

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